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Super Japanese team announced for Grand Slam Tashkent
Super Japanese team announced for Grand Slam Tashkent
26 Feb 2021 19:25
Christian Fidler

The Grand Slam in Tashkent, from March 5 to 7 will have a strong Japanese team. Eleven athletes are selected. Shohei Ono is unfortunately missing as he originally planned to fight in the capital of Uzbekistan. Ono suffers a small injury to the left thigh.

Still the Japanese delegation will still look good with five Olympic participants: Uta Abe, Miku Tashiro, Chizuru Arai, Takanori Nagase and Akira Sone. Heavyweight Sone is the 2019 world champion over 78kg had not been competing in international competitions since the Grand Osaka slam at the end of November 2019. The six other selected judokas are Olympic substitutes. The women’s team is incredibly strong.


-48kg: Natsumi Tsunoda

-52kg: Uta Abe

-57kg: Momo Tamaoki

-63kg: Miku Tashiro

-70kg: Chizuru Arai

-78kg: Mami Umeki

+78kg: Akira Sone


-60kg: Ryuju Nagayama

-81kg: Takanori Nagase

-90kg: Kenta Nagasawa

+100kg: Kokoro Kageura