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Richárd Sipőcz is eager to take a medal in Budapest

19 Oct 2020 10:35

Richárd Sipőcz stepped on the tatami last year as a two-time European youth champion at the Budapest Grand Prix , but he was already very successful, surprising everyone at the age of 18 by finally flying to the third step of the podium. Not only did he get to the podium, but jumped from 216th to 36th place. He won a bronze medal at the Junior World Championships and a gold medal at the U23 European Championships and finishing fifth at the Grand Slam in Düsseldorf. Read more


The bubble of the IJF is safe: "all scenarios prepared"

19 Oct 2020 09:15

The IJF has established strict measures for organising the Grand Slam in Budapest and communicates it will be a safe event. Starting with the medical tests prior to the tournament, that everyone must have. Both athletes and staff members will live in a bubble, created to avoid any type of contagion. Read more


Baruch Shmailov tested positive for Corona

17 Oct 2020 19:30

One week for the Grand Slam in Budapest Baruch Shmailov tested positive for Corona. The Budapest Grand Slam is the comeback of the IJF World Tour. Eventually Shmailov passed the test, like the rest of the selected athletes, as part of the requirements of the International Judo Federation and while the other athletes came out negative, Shmailov, who feels good and without symptoms, as mentioned came out positive. His two training partners went into isolation. Read more

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