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The weapon of Christian Parlati was basic but efficient
The weapon of Christian Parlati was basic but efficient
16 Mar 2021 11:05
IJF Gabriela Sabau / International Judo Federation

Christian Parlati surprised the elite with his victory at the Grand Slam in Tashkent. The young Italian showed his effective o-uchi-gari weapon and booked few impressive wins in Tashkent before walking away with gold. The Italians always surprise with new talent, although insiders already knew this guy was knocking on the door some day. Getting to know Parlati delivers a handsome fresh man with good answer on the questions of the IJF production team.

Starting Judo

I started when I was 3 years old and I started because of my father who was a judo coach. I wanted to stay with him so I went onto the mat.

Favourite Throw

My favourite throw is O-uchi-gari, because I love it and I feel like its mine.


My favourite ne-waza technique is Sode-guruma-jime, but it doesn’t always work.


My hero is my brother Enrico. He is always a good support for me and I love him.

Favourite Judoka

My favourite judoka is Shohei Ono. I love his judo and i think he is one of the strongest in history.

Favourite Movie

My favourite movie is 300 because I feel like a Spartan.

Favourite Music

I love music and I listen to music at all competitions. And I listen to Imagine dragons and groups like this.

Favourite Food

My favourite food is of course Italian food and like a good Napolitan  as I love pizza.


My coach calls me ‘penello’ (paintbrush) because I am long and slim.

Hidden Talent

When I was young I was an actor, now I do only judo.


I deal with pressure with music and maybe talking with the coach and the doctor, I try to relax.

After Judo

I am already a policeman and after I want to pass my passion for judo to kids and other people.


A good memory is the Tashkent Grand slam because we had the public back after one year without and it was really exciting. My favourite fight was the semi final against Takanori Nagase because I think he is one of the strongest in the category and it was a good moment


I want to say to the young to enjoy the mat and try with all your heart, because you have just one chance and one opportunity. 

Why Judo?

Judo is special for me because I can express myself and I love the respect after the fight on the mat.