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World Champion Davlat Bobonov efficiently claims gold

World Champion Davlat Bobonov efficiently claims gold

5 Mar 2023 16:30
IJF Media team by Nicolas Messner

Davlat Bobonov is the reigning world champion in the category and everyone came to see their hero entering the stadium with his beautiful, flamboyant, red back number. Nothing was easy for Bobonov though and he couldn’t afford to release his guard for a single second. His qualification for the final was therefore all the more beautiful. In the semi-final, where he only spent 34 seconds on the tatami against Krisztian Toth (HUN).

In the other half of the draw, Sanshiro Murao (JPN) was more discrete, not that his judo was less spectacular but since all eyes were on Bobonov, the Japanese judoka could advance in the competition more quietly. Nevertheless, he joined Bobonov in the final.

As the two finalist entered the arena, it became almost impossible to hear your neighbour as the public started to chant "Bobonov, Bobonov, Bobonov..." Under pressure, Murao was penalised with a first shido for passivity. As the last two minutes had already started, Murao received his second penalty, followed a few seconds later by a logical third shido that offered the victory to Bobonov and Uzbekistan. It was a tactical win but a clear and beautiful one.

One of Bobonov's stronger opponents today was Caramnob Sagaipov from Lebanon, a country we were talking about a couple days ago, since they have recently started a Judo in Schools programme. It is obvious that Sagaipov is not a result of that programme, but this shows that the country is willing to shine at the highest level.

So, Sagaipov qualified for the first bronze medal match against Giovani Ferreira (BRA), with a good chance of medal based on what he showed during the morning. Only after 17 seconds, and upon the first attack of Sagaipov, he head dived, which is strictly forbidden for security reasons and he was disqualified. Sagaipov knew immediately that he had made the big mistake. This will be a lesson; bronze for Giovani Ferreira.

The second bronze medal contest opposed Jakhongir Mamatrakhimov (UZB) and the veteran Krisztian Toth (HUN). Halfway through the match there was one shido apiece. Mamatrakhimov seemed to be under heavy pressure and was penalised a second time, before Toth made his power speak out loud. With a strong change in direction he counter-attacked his opponent for ippon and so it was a bronze for Toth.

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