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Driton Kuka sets new horizon with own book

Driton Kuka sets new horizon with own book

22 Feb 2023 23:00

The promotion ceremony of the book "Kryemjestri", dedicated to Driton Kuka, was an exciting and powerful event that celebrated the success of the highly valued Albanian coach. Throughout his career, Kuka has been and is important in raising Kosovo's profile in the world of judo, bringing numerous Olympic and world medals, among other things, speakers said in promoting the book.

Words of the occasion at the ceremony we had from the host of the event Agron Kuka - President of the Judo Federation among others, while several actors from politics and the sports scene, as well as sports fans and lovers, were present,  who gathered to honor Kuka's extraordinary achievements.

The author, Arsim Maxhera, gave a detailed and compelling look at Kuka's career, highlighting the coach's unwavering dedication to his judoka and his unparalleled ability to bring out the best in them. Kuka himself was deeply moved by the support, expressing his gratitude to his team and all those who contributed to his success.

The ceremony was a testament to the power of sport to bring people together, and the book "The Master" will be a testament to Kuka's incredible legacy. His achievements have not only brought glory to Kosovo, but have also inspired countless young people to participate in judo and his impact will definitely be felt for many years to come.

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