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Michael Korrel marries Paris

Michael Korrel marries Paris

5 Feb 2023 22:05
IJF Media team by Jo Crowley and JudoInside
IJF Gabriela Sabau / International Judo Federation

Number 1 seed U100kg, Dutchman Michael Korrel forged a path through all obstacles in Paris, including a French quarter-final challenge. He continued past Toma Nikiforov in the semi-final and looked set to win a confident gold. Zelym Kostoev (USE) was to be his adversary after he disposed of Kurbjeweit, Liparteliani and Veg (HUN) before throwing Kotsoiev (AZE) and then Elnahas.

The final was a scramble for the dominant grip, white and blue slugging it out for best position to attack from. There were attempts to throw but not much convinced us of impending victory and the contest leaned into the golden score period.

A minute info extra time Korrel turned in and at first it looked like Kostoev had defended well enough but waza-ari was awarded after video review and Korrel won his second Paris gold, a second for team Netherlands on this second day of the event. Kostoev saw his flag rise above the podium at the end of an excellent day, marked by his silver medal.

In Peter Paltchik (ISR) and Shady El Nahas’ bronze medal contest, the Canadian put the first score on the board with a hip throw that lacked control and at the end even the grip was barely present. From that point on he became uncharacteristically cautious, no longer doing himself justice and Peter Paltchik capitalised on the moment and flew under El Nahas with a very fast seoi-otoshi to win by ippon.

Bronze medal number two went to Zelym Kotsoiev, who had found a second chink in Muzaffarbek Turoboyev’s armour, eliminating the World Champion of Tashkent in the repechage. For the metal he passed Toma Nikiforov and completed a satisfying day.

Olympic Champion Lukas Krpalek (CZE) who won bronze last week in Portugal had no role in Paris. he lost to Belgian Toma Nikiforov. The Czech superstar is now in a different timeline, switching from +100 to U100kg recently. Nikiforov turned in with a seoi-otoshi, tipping Krpalek on to his side momentarily, enough for the waza-ari. Unfortunately the angle of impact gave Krpalek a problem and he stood back up clearly uncomfortable and lost to last year’s winner in Paris.

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