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Wakaba Tomita confirms selection for the worlds by taking All Japan title

Wakaba Tomita confirms selection for the worlds by taking All Japan title

17 Apr 2022 11:05 - Hans van Essen / judo news, results and photos

Wakaba Tomita captured the title of the 37th Empress's Cup All Japan Women's Judo Championship in Yokohama. In the final Tomia defeated Akemi Hashimoto. Sarah Asahina and Hikaru Kodama captured the bronze medals.

Komatsu judoka Wakaba Tomita who won the all-Japan selection weight-based championship over 78kg on the 2nd, expressed her determination in advance "If you win, the world championship is certain. I want to win." "I will fight with speed," he said, looking ahead to the confrontation with his nemesis, Asahina, who lost in the final of the world championship last year.

Asahina, the champion of the Budapest World Championship +78kg, was infected with the new coronavirus and missed the selection by weight. She took good care of her and she was hospitalized and was able to resume her practice a week ago. Still, she talked about her aspirations with a heartfelt expression, "I've been practicing to break through the limits for a short time. I still want to play a match that Asahina is said to be strong” but she lost in the semi final against Hashimoto.

Tomita who won the tournament two years ago as well said: “I don't usually feel any pressure or pressure, so I would like to keep in mind the feelings of the challenger. I was happy to win then, but I didn't think of anything in particular. It feels like a passing point.

About her rival Asahina Tomita said: “After all, I lost at the world championship last year, so if I win in the final, I want to win anyway. The physique is completely different, and there is also a difference in weight, so I would like to be able to do judo that makes the best use of my goodness and speed. I don't know until I play a match, but I want to win.”