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Chen-Ling Lien is the most successful athlete of Chinese Taipei. She won the first World Cup for her country in 2011 and she won a Grand Prix in 2015 and Grand Slam of Baku in 2017. Chong-You Lin became Cadet World Champion in 2019 in Almaty. Yu-Ping Chou was the first and only athlete who won a bronze medal at the World Championships, in 1987 in Essen. Tsay-Chwan Sheu (1988-Seoul) and Chen-Ling Lien (2016-Rio) finished fifth at the Olympic Games. Since 2013 the Asian Open in Taipei is organised. In 2018 Marius Vizer visited the federation and its President: LU Wei-Chen.

Judo legends B S G

  • Hsiao Hung Lee
  • 720
  • Mei Lin Wu
  • 321
  • Wen Hua Yeh
  • 140
  • Chen-Ling Lien
  • 520
  • Chang
  • 120

Chen-Ling Lien - Idol

Last 365 days of judo B S G

  • Yu-Jung Liao
  • 101
  • Liu-Yu Shang
  • 001
  • Jia Wen Tsai
  • 020
  • Yung Wei Yang
  • 410
  • Shu Huei Hsu Wang
  • 110

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Judo event Type Place Date
Asian Open TaipeiWCupTaipei3 Aug 2019
Asian U21 Championships TaipeiAJChTaipei29 Jul 2019
Asian U18 Championships TaipeiACadetTaipei27 Jul 2019
Asian Open TaipeiWCupTaipei7 Jul 2018
FISU Universiade TaipeiWUCTaipei20 Aug 2017


Name Birthdate Age
Yung Han Wang5 Jun 200020 years
Wen Shun Wu7 Jun 199327 years
Jen En Che9 Jun 200020 years
Ya-Ting Chang9 Jun 199723 years
Yu Chen Lin10 Jun 199525 years