Judo in Serbia

Judo in Serbia is florishing and the new generation led by the Majdov family celebrated the European Junior title for Nemanja Majdov and bronze for brother Stefan Majdov. At senior level Jovana Rogic had won IJF World Tour medals and Dmitri Gerasimenko competed at the 2012 Olympic Games. Aleksandar Kukolj competed at the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016. In 2016 Nadezda Petrovic and Anja Obradovic won the European Cadet title, a new impuls for Serbian judo success. Each year the European Open in Belgrade is held as top event hosted by Serbian Judo Federation President Ivan Todorov. In 2016 the European Club Championships are held in Serbia.

Judo legends B S G

  • Nemanja Majdov
  • 001
  • Aleksandar Kukolj
  • 001
  • Milos Mijalkovic
  • 010
  • Mara Kovacevic
  • 100

Nemanja Majdov - Super star

Milica Nikolic - Idol

Last 365 days of judo B S G

  • Aleksandar Kukolj
  • 112
  • Nemanja Majdov
  • 101
  • Milica Nikolic
  • 150
  • Jovana Rogic
  • 110
  • Strahinja Buncic
  • 010

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Judo event Type Place Date
Serbian Championships U23 NisN23Nis30 Sep 2017
European Open BelgradeWCupBelgrade23 Sep 2017
Serbian Championships VrsacNCVrsac28 May 2017
European Club Championships women BelgradeECCBelgrade17 Dec 2016
European Club Championships men BelgradeECCBelgrade17 Dec 2016


Name Birthdate Age
Nikola Nesic20 Feb 199820 years
Aleksandar Nerandzic20 Feb 199721 years
Jelena Milutinovic21 Feb 199127 years
Marko Jocic21 Feb 198830 years
Rade Basta21 Feb 197939 years
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