Judo in Germany

Germany celebrated three Judo Olympic Champions: Ole Bischof in 2008, Yvonne Bönisch in 2004 and Udo Quellmalz in 1996. Germany won 18 Olympic judo medals and the last one was bronze by Laura Vargas Koch in Rio2016. Germany had five World Champions Florian Wanner was the last judo world champion in 2003. Also Johanna Hagn, Daniel Lascau and Udo Quellmalz who won two world titles. Quellmalz is the most successful German judoka. The IJF Judo Grand Prix is held in Düsseldorf, from 2018 a Grand Sl. Also European Cups for cadets, juniors and seniors are organised by the DJB, the Deutsche Judo Bund. The Junior women of Germany are European Team Champion.

Judo legends B S G

  • Udo Quellmalz
  • 303
  • Ole Bischof
  • 222
  • Yvonne Boenisch
  • 041
  • Frank Moeller
  • 721
  • Andreas Toelzer
  • 521

Udo Quellmalz - Super star

Ole Bischof - Idol

Last 365 days of judo B S G

  • Theresa Stoll
  • 021
  • Martyna Trajdos
  • 111
  • Giovanna Scoccimarro
  • 011
  • Szaundra Diedrich
  • 001
  • Alexander Wieczerzak
  • 001

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Judo event Type Place Date
German Championships StuttgartNCStuttgart20 Jan 2018
Bremen Open International tournamentITBremen9 Dec 2017
Bremen Open U18 International tournamentITCadBremen9 Dec 2017
European Club Championships Wuppertal women ECCWuppertal 25 Nov 2017
European Club Championships Wuppertal men ECCWuppertal 25 Nov 2017


Name Birthdate Age
Sarah Hildebrand21 Feb 199919 years
Simon Bettin21 Feb 199721 years
Cassandra Wappler21 Feb 199523 years
Theresa Diermeier21 Feb 199028 years
Wasiliy Piantkowskiy21 Feb 198533 years
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