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Daria Bilodid has to lose 3kgs for each competition... but simply loves chocolate

17 Mar 2020 09:20

Ukrainian prodigy Daria Bilodid started judo when she was 6 years old. She is coached by her parents Svetlana Kuznetsova and former European Champion Gennady Bilodid. The double World Champion had a coffee with French TV presenter and judoka Céline Geraud and spoke about judo and other things. Read more


Corona jeopardises Olympic Games: what to do?

17 Mar 2020 08:35

The Tokyo Games might theoretically have some faint hopes if the Coronavirus will be conquered all over the world in the next two months. This clearly is a pious illusion. Now that the virus has been declared a global pandemic, it is unlikely that each country will come out quickly and in unison. Athletes started to train alternatively at their homes meanwhile. Read more


Adjust your diet to the current corona situation

15 Mar 2020 19:30

While at first a lot of people underestimated what new coronavirus (COVID-19) could do, some of us are now caught in a surreal reality that only happens in the movies. The IJF cancelled all competitions until April 30th and it seems like a lot of countries are following this decision by cancelling local competitions as well. In the best case scenario, athletes can still complete their normal training routine, but in many countries judo trainings are shut down, gyms are closed and some are even instructed not to leave our homes at all. Read more


135 days to the Olympics: a peculiar and unique qualification

13 Mar 2020 16:25

Athletes who usually train every day and always have the next tournament in sight are lost in the uncertainty of the situation. The tournament carousel has stopped spinning. Now what? Read more


Judo Bundesliga suspends competition

13 Mar 2020 12:30

The German Judo Association (DJB) has decided to suspend competition operations in all DJB leagues for the time being and for the time being without limitation. This regulation applies to the protection of athletes and all those involved from now on. Read more


German Olympic medallist Wolfgang Hofmann passed away

12 Mar 2020 15:25

Germany’s first Olympic medallist Wolfgang Hofmann died on Thursday morning. In 1964 the Cologne native won the silver medal in the class up to 80 kg in Tokyo. Only a few days before his 79th birthday came the sad news of his death. Read more


How the Corona virus affected the athletes at first place

12 Mar 2020 11:30

The IJF World Tour came to a hold due to Covid-19, the Coronavirus. The boys of Fighting Films spoke to various athletes on Team Superstar, how the measures affected them, including their concerns for the Judo community, future tournaments, and the Olympic Games. Read more

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