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Analysis: the London Olympic medallists in November 2011

5 Nov 2015 16:20

   Mongolian JudoHeroes

Less than 300 days for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro the IJF World becomes more and more interesting. Not for the top athletes, they just care for good judo and the right peak. Still it’s interesting where the top 8 Olympic athletes were positioned in November 2011. JudoInside filtered the top 8 athletes for you comparable to this Olympic period.

42 athletes weren’t ranked in the top 10 in November 2011, but reached the final block in London2012. Lowest ranked medallist, even finalist was Gemma Gibbons who was #98 at this time in 2011. Other surprises we can remember such as Dae-Nam Song (36. in 2011), An Kum-Ae (43. in 2011). Both were above 30 years which is an argument to say that the older judoka are more stable to peak at the right moment. Think about Grand Slam Abu Dhabi winner Tagir Khaibulaev who’s now 31. The average age of Olympic medallists was 25.5 years, comparable to 2004, older than the medallists in 2008. At the 2011 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi five later Olympic medallists won a medal, 12 others made it to the top 8, but didn't medal. So they were still hiding in Abu Dhabi.

In Tokyo in 2011 22 later Olympic top 8 medalled, 17 of them medalled in London.

In Paris in 2012 30 later Olympic top 8 medalled, 18 of them medalled in London.

Even a current fixed value such as Valois-Fortier came up as #29 10 months in advance. All 18 surprise judoka outside the top 10. Who will the new surprise in 275 days.

JudoInside can be a spin doctor for your federation.

Olympic top 8 in Top 10 in November 2011

WRLOlympic top 8 JudokaNOCWeightOG12
1Rishod SobirovUZB603
2Hiroaki HiraokaJPN602
5Arsen GalstyanRUS601
9Sofiane MilousFRA605
10Gwang-Hyeon ChoiKOR607
3Masashi EbinumaJPN663
9Sugoi UriarteESP665
10Jun-Ho ChoKOR663
1Riki NakayaJPN732
2Ki-Chun WangKOR735
3Dex ElmontNED735
7Mansur IsaevRUS731
1Jae-Bum KimKOR811
2Leandro GuilheiroBRA817
3Takahiro NakaiJPN815
5Travis StevensUSA815
10Ole BischofGER812
1Ilias IliadisGRE903
4Kirill DenisovRUS905
5Dilshod ChorievUZB907
7Tiago CamiloBRA905
10Asley GonzalezCUB902
2Tagir KhaibulaevRUS1001
5Henk GrolNED1003
8Hee-Tae HwangKOR1005
9Lukas KrpalekCZE1007
10Ramziddin SayidovUZB1005
1Teddy RinerFRAO1001
3Andreas ToelzerGERO1003
4Sung-Min KimKORO1005
7Barna BorHUNO1007
8Rafael SilvaBRAO1003
2Tomoko FukumiJPN485
3Sarah MenezesBRA481
4Eva CsernoviczkiHUN483
5Alina DumitruROU482
7Charline Van SnickBEL483
8Shugen WuCHN487
10Paula ParetoARG485
10Priscilla GnetoFRA523
1Kaori MatsumotoJPN571
4Corina CaprioriuROU572
5Sabrina FilzmoserAUT577
6Automne PaviaFRA573
8Giulia QuintavalleITA575
10Hedvig KarakasHUN575
1Gevrise EmaneFRA633
2Yoshie UenoJPN633
3Urska ZolnirSLO631
6Alice SchlesingerISR637
7Elisabeth WilleboordseNED637
9Lili XuCHN632
10Munkhzaya TsedevsurenMGL635
1Lucie DecosseFRA701
2Edith BoschNED703
3Ye-Sul HwangKOR705
5Haruka TachimotoJPN707
7Rasa SrakaSLO707
8Fei ChenCHN705
1Audrey TcheumeoFRA783
3Kayla HarrisonUSA781
4Mayra AguiarBRA783
5Xiuli YangCHN787
6Abigel JooHUN785
4Mika SugimotoJPNO782
6Elena IvaschenkoRUSO787
7Idalys OrtizCUBO781
8Wen TongCHNO783
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