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Japan women take the team world title

30 Aug 2015 15:00

   IJF Media Team / International Judo Federation
20150830_day7_action_Japan women

The Japanese women have won the world title for teams. In the final the Japanese dominated the team of Poland. For Poland the best ever performance and a miracle to get that far. The Japanese women however were much too strong. The Japanese won by 5-0, although Katarzyna Klys gave a good match and kept the match at 0-0 but with one penalty behind against Chizuru Arai. Daria Pogorzelec couldn’t hold Kanae Yamabe and lost the last match in 25 seconds, 5-0 to Japan. The final team consisted of Misato Nakamura, Anzu Yamamoto who hadn’t competed in the individual tournament U57kg, Miku Tashiro U63 and Arai and Yamabe as last two weight categories.

Also bronze for Russia that beat four women of Korea in the bronze final Mi-Ri Kim, Ja-Di Kim and Ji-Yun Bak were the lightest three judoka but they missed U70kg. Min-Jeong Kim was the last to compete against Aleksandra Babintceva of Russia. The Russian bronze team consisted in the final of Yulia Ryzhova who defeated Kim with strong groundwork (sankaku), Irina Zabludina who lost her match against Jan-Di Kim. Ekaterina Valkova who had a great tomo nage against Ji-Yun Bak in 90 seconds and decided the match for Russia. Iana Kriukova lost her last match against Kim Min-Jeong.

Poland consisted of a superb team of Karolina Pienkowska, Arleta Podolak, Agata Ozdoba, Anna Borowska, Katarzyna Klys., Katarzyna Furmanek and Daria Pogorzelec.

The bronze medal was for Germany that defeated Mongolia in a thriller match, a huge stunt in the last minute. First Mareen Kraeh defeated Urantsetseg U52kg after 100 seconds by a perfect Harai Goshi. Miryam Roper did everything to brush away a penalty but it was Sumiya Dorjsuren who equaled. In 100 seconds it was Munkhzaya Tsedevsuren who threw European champion Martyna Trajdos for ippon with an excellent left ippon seoi nage. Szaundra Diedrich led by a penalty but 8 seconds for the end she threw Tsend-Ayush Tserendadmid for ippon and the score was 2-2. Last but not least Luise Malzahn fought Mongolia’s heavyweight Javzmaa Odkhuu and was one yuko behind after 70 seconds in the match. Halfway the Match Malzahn scored a yuko back and smelled blood. One minute for the end Javzmaa threw Malzahn for waz-ari but gave her arm away to the German who didn’t hesitate to armlock her and take the victory and the German side exploded for this tremendous team effort.

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