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Preview World Championships U57kg
Preview World Championships U57kg
25 Aug 2015 22:00

It’s going to be a busy third day at the World Championships. Not only the women’s category U57kg includes 55 women, the men’s category U73kg contains 76 men. Also the number of candidates for the world title is huge. This category is highly competitive and it starts right from the start in Astana.

Some spicy matches are scheduled or expected. Corina Caprioriu of Romania is the number one seed but in her pool Sabrina Filzmoser is also capable to mingle with the best and Hedvig Karakas and Giulia Quintavalle are lined up for the first match where fireworks is expected. Karakas, though, leads 3-0 against the 2008 Olympic Champion.

Rafaela Silva is the ranked best in pool B but she will meet Helene Receveaux in the first match. It will be game over for one of those two. Receveaux can surprise and the 2013 World Champion Silva must be sharp from the start. At the 2013 team Championships, Silva beat the French. It can also be Catherine Beauchemin-Pinard of Canada, but Receveaux beat her in Rabat this year. 

With Ojeda (CUB), World bronze medallist Sanne Verhagen and Grand Prix Samsun winner Vila Waechter are in the same pool with Silva. Not even speaking about Marti Malloy who faces North Korean Ri Hyi Sun and in a later stage Kim Jan-Di. All of them form the pool of death: or simply pool B.

On the other side of the table European Games winner Telma Monteiro will do her ultimate to make this World Championships a success, do or die, but better than a fifth silver medal. Therefore she will have to overcome French ace Automne Pavia in the quarter final. Pavia is the most likely opponent if theoretically she can put aside Nekoda Davis and friends in that area of the schedule.

Sumiya Dorjsuren used to be an outsider, but not this year, she belongs to the favourites, and seems to have a good draw. In her pool though Miryam Roper who’s close to Olympic champion Kaori Matsumoto and outsider Lien (TPE). Lots of names who can sparkle on Wednesday’s firework U57kg.

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