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Almost twin Universiade gold for Russia, Gwak spoils it

5 Jul 2015 12:10

 by Mark Pickering - IJF    IJF Media Team / International Judo Federation
20150509_BakuGS_KHALMURZAEV, Khasan (RUS) - MARGIANI, Ushangi (GEO)2

At the second day of the Universiade in Gwangju Khasan Khalmurzaev took the gold in a great final against Wang Ki-Chun of Korea. The first athlete to enter the final of the men’s -81kg was not unknown as WANG Ki-Chun (KOR) was world champion in 2009 in Rotterdam. He also won two World Masters titles, being undefeated for almost two years on the World Judo Tour. But that was in the -73kg weight division.

Today competing in the upper category the Korean now tries to go back to his top level. In the final he was opposed to the 21 year old Russian, Khasan Khalmurzaev, winner of the last Baku Grand Slam and owner of two Grand Prix titles (Budapest 2014 and Almaty 2013).

This was so far the most incredible final of the tournament, WANG launching a first powerful yoko-tomoe-nage after a few seconds, for no score. But then KHALMURZAEV engaged an aerial uchi-mata for waza-ari, time for the Korean the run after the clock, but if he could unlock the score three times it was only with yuko. The last one was initially counted as a waza-ari but then changed into a third yuko, and with only a few seconds left this was not enough for WANG to run for the so awaited score.

The first bronze medal fight opposed Kenya KOHARA (JPN) and World Junior Champion Rafael MACEDO (BRA). Despite a very tough fight, none of the two athletes were capable to score and finally KOHARA stepped on the podium wining by penalty.

The second bronze medal fight opposed Denis MITITELU (ROU) and Jonathan ALLARDON (FRA). The French was the first to score with a tremendous o-uchi-gari, which didn’t really land on the back, for waza-ari. MITITELU replied with a superb uchi-mata but only for yuko. ALLARDON concluded with a last low uchi-mata in circle for a second waza-ari synonymous of victory.


Unstoppable GWAK in Gwangju

The last fight of the day saw again the Korean athlete entering the final as GWAK Donghan, winner of the last Asian championships, was opposed to the bronze medallist of the Budapest Grand Prix 2014 and the Almaty Grand Prix in 2013, Khusen KHALMURZAEV (RUS).

Just a little more than a minute was enough for GWAK Donghan to score the last ippon of the day as he propelled KHALMURZAEV into the air with an impressive drop-seoi-nage. With two gold and 2 silver medals today in Gwangju, team Korea takes the lead at the medal table.

The first bronze medal of the category was disputed between Antoine LAMOUR (FRA) and Kenta NAGASAWA (JPN). Two minutes and forty seconds were necessary to NAGASAWA to score a first yuko with a left-handed-uchi-mata, immediately secured with a strong osae-komi-waza for ippon.


David KLAMMERT (CZE) and Gustavo ASSIS (BRA) faced in the second bronze medal fight. A lot of power was put by both athletes to try to put out of balance their opponent. The strongest was Gustavo ASSIS, who could finally score a beautiful ippon with a ko-soto-gake in an uncertain situation until the impact.




Megumi Tsugane takes Universiade gold

The first final of the day opposed the 2015 bronze medallist of the last Asian Championship, BAK Jiyun (KOR) and the 2012 winner of the Tokyo Grand Slam, TSUGANE Megumi (JPN). The Korean successively defeated Tereza PATOCKOVA (CZE), Magdalena KRSSAKOVA (AUT), Karolina TALACH (POL) and Jennifer WICHERS (NED), when the Japanese when through the preliminary rounds with victories against Caroline PATTON (USA), Ana KOKEZA (CRO), Pari SURAKATOVA (RUS) and Nadja BAZYNSKI (GER).


During almost 4 minutes, both athletes perfectly controlled the fight and none of them was capable of scoring, until 14 seconds before the final gong, when finally TSUGANE launched the uchi-mata in circle she was looking for, for ippon.


The first bronze medal fight opposed Karolina TALACH (POL) and Nadja BAZYNSKI (GER), the German winning by 2 shido.


The second bronze medal saw Pari SURAKATOVA (RUS) and Jennifer WICHERS (NED) fighting for the last available spot on the podium and once again the bout concluded with a no-score, the victory going to WICHERS by penalty.


Kim Lightens Up the Gwangju Crowd

For the second women’s final of the day, again the Korean and Japanese athletes showed to be the best as KIM Seongyeon (KOR) and OSANAI Kazuki (JPN) faced to become the new Universiade champion. KIM, in front of her home town crowd, secured a place in the final by defeating Alena PROKOPENKO (RUS), Renalda GEDUTYTE (LTU), Margaux PINOT (FRA) and Amanda OLIVEIRA (BRA). OSAMAI had one less fight than her opponent to reach the final. She won against Lorena PODELENCZKI (ROU), Valeria FERRARI (ITA) and SHANG Liu-yu (TPE).


Korea had one more chance to win gold today with KIM Seongyeon, who was actually born in Gwangju. That definitely put a little more pressure on her shoulders but also gave her more power. Despite the never-ending attacks of the Japanese, KIM secured two superb yuko, the crowd exploding with joy.


The first bronze medal fight opposed Margaux PINOT (FRA) and SHANG Liu-yu (TPE). Within a minute, the French showed that she might be dangerous on the ground but SHANG escaped from a first attempt of arm-lock. The second attempt was the good one though, and PINOT gave SHANG no chance to escape, for ippon.


Zhanar KASHKYN (KAZ) and Amanda OLIVEIRA (BRA) faced for the second bronze medal. The Brazilian score a first yuko in the first half of the match and seemed to control the fight. But with less than a minute on the scoreboard, KASHKYN reduced the score with a reversed seoi-nage technic for yuko and then clearly took the lead with the same technic for waza-ari this time.

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  • Khusen Khalmurzaev (RUS), Alexandre Iddir (FRA) - Grand Prix Astana (2014, KAZ) - © IJF Media Team, International Judo Federation
  • DongHan Gwak (KOR) - European Open Warsaw (2015, POL) - © Stanislaw Michalowski
  • Ki-Chun Wang (KOR) - European Open Warsaw (2015, POL) - © Stanislaw Michalowski

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