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Italians have the special ability to peak when they have to
Italians have the special ability to peak when they have to
14 Sep 2021 13:55 / judo news, results and photos

Italy’s great golden summer started in fact in May when Italy won the Eurovision song contest with a different sound, the squadra azzurra won UEFA Euro 2020 at Wembley and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Italy continued a great summer where Italy showed the world of it’s great ability to peak at the right time.

We have experienced in the past, but this summer it wasn’t easy to shine at the Tokyo judo tournament but with two bronze medals the result was okay, although this could have been the best Olympics ever with candidates such as Lombardo and Basile. Still Italy has a great reputation when it comes to Olympic Games.

The Italians packing for their August break and the Italians captured ten gold medals in Tokyo, pushing their sporys medals total at a single Olympics above the previous record set at the 1960 Rome Games.

Italy became the first country to win both the Eurovision Music Contest and the European Championship in the same year. The Italian rock band Maneskin won the Eurovision Song Contest -2021. In 1968, when Italy won the Euro for the first time, Spain won the Eurovision Song Contest. It all started with big impact on Italy’s pride, “we can do it this summer.”

Italy became the only nation to have won both the Eurovision Song Contest and Men's European Championship in the same year. Italy beat England to claim the Euro 2020 title at Wembley, beating England that waited for a major trophy. It set the tone for Italy’s medal haul in Tokyo at the Olympic Games that only a few betting sites such as could have foreseen.

Marcel Jacobs was the major surprise at the 100 meters in athletics and took the first medal in the event at the Olympics since 1948. The Italian 4x100m relay quartet of Olympic 100m champion Marcell Jacobs, Lorenzo Patta, Eseosa Desalu and Filippo Tortu raced to victory to win their first gold in the event since London 1948. The Tortu Olympic Stadium was shocked by the Italia performances. "Italy keeps on dreaming ... we're the fastest in the world," said Corriere della Sera.

Italy took 40 medals, surpassing the target of 30 set by CONI and a consensus projection of 29.

Gianmarco Tamberi won the high jump gold medal which became a great human story. Another surprise in the men's karate -75kg "kumite" competition by Luigi Busa and lifted his sport karate at world level. Italians in fact perform really well in martial arts or related sports such as fencing.

Odette Giuffrida took her second Olympic medal and although she belongs to the top fighters in this weight class, it was the outcome of 5 years hard work and dedication. Giuffrida understood what it takes and was happy to be on the podium again. Maria Centracchio was the biggest surprise of all medallist as the number 27 of the World Ranking she claimed bronze U63kg. Centracchio witnessed the Olympic final of her great friend Giuffrida in 2016 in Rio and went to Tokyo with no expectation, exactly that realism and judo joy helped her on the road to that great bronze medal.

In this rich Olympic history Italians always perform well. With 18 medals so far and four Olympic Champions Italy is has a reputation. Ezio Gamba was perhaps took world silver in 1979 and the took Olympic gold in 1980, so was not a great surprise. Giuseppe was not expected to win but was well known as 1999 European Champion, still he did it in a competitive field with Jimmy Pedro, Vitaly Makarov as favourites for that Olympic title at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

In 2008 Giulia Quintavalle was a shocker in the women’s U57kg weight class. She hadn’t won any serious medal until she found the ultimate Olympic form in Beijing in 2008 and took the gold. Even after that shock win she didn’t win a substantial medal at European or world level. Quintavalle just had it that day, a quality of its own.

The same counts for Fabio Basile, perhaps one of the most surprise Olympic Champions ever. Basile was number 189 one year before his Olympic victory U66kg. Also he had all the elements of a super star in sports and used all those elements after his Olympic title and came back in a new weight class U73kg. You could expect something beautiful again this summer with Manuel Lombardo in a competitive field, but he could beat all of them including Abe, but it didn’t happen. Still no one will deny that Italy has the skills to peak when they have to, and they have a great judo generation.