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Judo Uchi mata as a weapon in your contest

Judo Uchi mata as a weapon in your contest

20 Aug 2020 18:25
Paco Lozano / Judo y Otros

Uchimata is perhaps the most popular judo throw in the world. However to master it, it takes time and dedication to automate the details of such a throw. Some of the best showcase this amazing inner-thigh throw such as Ono Shohei, Maruyama Joshiro, Shishime Ai, Lutfillaev Sharafuddin and Teddy Riner.

It would be great to include throws such as uchi mata in sports betting. The sports betting sites guide aren’t very spoiled with judo but if you look well you can find the right sports book where you can bet at the major events.

The details in kuzushi and launch are essential

It’s a throw that you know will come at a certain moment in the judo match. It’s like a good judo bet, you’re just waiting for it to be launched with the right timing.

Betting on sports like judo, boxing and UFC is fairly simple. Online betting on these sports is highly popular, particularly ahead of major fights. You can bet on the outright winner, total rounds, winning method, to name just a few bet types. The most popular bet types in UFC include over-under round bets, match bets, and round bets. Find your judo bet in the sports betting sites.

Tall judoka have an uchi mata advantage

Teddy Riner is one of those experts who used uchimata many times. But also other tall judoka such as Antoine Valois-Fortier, Nikoloz Sherazadishvili are using uchi mata as their weapon and its’s hard to defend once they have the best kuzushi.

Not only men benefit from uchimata, also women have converted the throw as their weapon. Ai Shishime, Chizuru Arai, Madeleine Malonga and Tsukasa Yoshida as well as heavier women with uchi mata converted to maki komi.

In the video you can see lots of examples from Kenta Nagasawa, Ryunosuke Haga or very low flying uchimata’s as well by former World Champions Nagase, Wolf or the very high hip throw uchimata by Denis Vieru. Uchi Mata specialists have figured out that there are 3 unique core variations of Uchi Mata and know which to attack with at the right situation.

The traditional expert is of course Kosei Inoue with his textbook uchimata victory at the 2000 Olympic Games, a throw in a flash. Ryunosuke Haga was even called the monster of uchi mata. Former World Champion Neil Adams even did a study for the ultimate uchimata techniques and called it the king of throws. 

Uchi mata in all forms is judo candy for the eyes and is an invitation to practice it yourself. We bet you master it seeing the video with examples.

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