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Olympic qualification period postponed to 29 June 2021, IJF Masters in Doha postponed

3 Apr 2020 13:40

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In an open letter by IJF President Marius L. Vizer, the maximum date to end the qualification period is postponed to June 29 2021. The International Judo Federation is currently analyzing the available solutions and possibilities for defining a new qualification system, a continuation of the current one.

The World Championships 2021 could also be moved and included in the qualification process, although at the moment this was not taken into discussion due to the lack of certainty caused by the Coronavirus emergency situation. The Qatar Masters will definitely remain part of the qualification, at a date yet to be defined.

The new qualification system, will be a continuation of the current one that was suspended due to the Covid-19 global health crisis.

The main principles that we are taking into account are:

1. Safe and healthy participation for all stakeholders

2. Universal unrestricted participation of all countries

IJF will have at least the same number of events in the qualification process, including also all the events which were already scheduled on the IJF Calendar in the period until the new end date of the qualification. The final number of events included depends on a number of factors, but mainly on the health situation in the world and the possible travel restrictions, as well as the availability of venues and local organizing committees.

All competitions until at least June 30 2020 continue to be suspended. The Qatar Masters in Doha were scheduled end of May and will be postponed and revised according to the evolution of the situation.

As soon as clear guidelines and an official timeline regarding the world health situation will be available, IJF will put together the calendar of the World Judo Tour and the Olympic qualification and will publish it.

Vizer: “We will take into account all the member nations and the issues they are facing and our main concern is to ensure a fair qualification process for all judoka around the world. IJF will also consider factors like extended lack of training opportunities and scarce preparation, leaving time to athletes to get back in shape and participate in competitions at their best level, in safe and healthy conditions.”

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