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German Olympic medallist Wolfgang Hofmann passed away

12 Mar 2020 15:25

 Photo by Judobund

Germany’s first Olympic medallist Wolfgang Hofmann died on Thursday morning. In 1964 the Cologne native won the silver medal in the class up to 80 kg in Tokyo. Only a few days before his 79th birthday came the sad news of his death.

As an active judoka, Wolfgang Hofmann was a total of 15 German champions and three European champions. He was the holder of the 8th Dan and for many years lecturer for judo at the German Sport University in Cologne. He further developed his idea of ​​our sport during two language and study visits to Japan. His understanding of judo still shapes the training and examination regulations of the German Judo Association (DJB).

"Above all, judo means: practicing on the mat, moving, fighting with many partners, or, as the Japanese say, understanding with the body, began the foreword of his book "Judo - Basics of Tachi- Waza and Ne-Waza”, which Hofmann published together with the Japanese Mahito Ohgo at the beginning of the 1970s.

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