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Dutch delight Michael Korrel for king
Dutch delight Michael Korrel for king
14 Dec 2019 16:25
Mark Pickering - IJF
IJF Emanuele Di Feliciantonio / International Judo Federation

World bronze medallist Michael Korrel of the Netherlands produced the performance of his career to beat former world champion Wolf Aaron (JPN) with a thunderous ippon after 27 seconds of golden score to claim his first Masters title. World number four Korrel threw his rival with a devastating seoi-nage to earn all the plaudits in one of the sport’s toughest and most talent-laden categories as he screamed with delight before making eye contact with the matside photographer.

In the first semi-final Olympic silver medallist Varlam Liparteliani (GEO) was stunned by Korrel by ippon as the Dutchman powered into the final in spectacular fashion with a gigantic uchi-mata.

In the second semi-final world number 14 Niyaz Ilyasov (RUS) lost out to Wolf by a waza-ari score as the great Inoue Kosei nodded with approval at the progression of his athlete.

The first bronze medal was won by Ilyasov edged past world number 10 Peter Paltchik (ISR) by a waza-ari score in a tense contest that went the distance and beyond. Paltchik led by a waza-ari score before the Russian equalled the score with one second left to force golden score. Ilyasov landed on top of his rival and immediately held down the Israeli judoka with a tate-shiho-gatame to earn his place on the podium after a fascinating battle.

The second bronze medal went to Liparteliani who defeated European Games winner Arman Adamian (RUS) in the reserve of the European Games outcome. Georgia was on song on the final day and their inspirational leader played his part by picking up bronze before embarking on the most important year of his life in 2020.