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Irakli Demetrashvili defeats Giga Tatiashvili in all Georgian final

Irakli Demetrashvili defeats Giga Tatiashvili in all Georgian final

28 Sep 2019 15:45
IJF Media team by Pedro Lasuen
IJF Emanuele Di Feliciantonio / International Judo Federation

The last final of the fourth of the World Championships day was a Georgian party between two friends. In the men +90kg category Irakli Demetrashvili and Giga Tatiashvili secured the first gold medal for their country after a perfect day. Demetrashvili was fit from the very first match on and became the executioner of the two Russians competing in the category.

Tatiashvili respected his own status. He is the world number two and defeated Japan, one of the biggest favorites Sugawara Mitsuki in the semifinals.

Georgia is a small country but a great nation of judo. These two young men showed that the future will be bright for the Georgian team. This time, the glory was on Demetrashvili’s side, who scored waza-ari in the golden score.

We spoke with him to understand how difficult is to compete against a friend. “It is the toughest thing”, he confirmed, “because we know our strongest and weakest points. I did not try to think too much about that, I just tried and tried again until it worked”.

Sugawara Mitsuki, from Japan, and Nodal Onoprienko, from Russia, won the last two bronze medals of the individual competition by defeating Azerbaijan Huseyn Mammedov and Australia Lee Sung Min, both by ippon, both by producing the sound of ippon.

Twenty-one countries have left Kazakhstan with a medal. Japan lead the medal table with eleven medals, four of them in gold.

This is the end of the individual World Judo Championships Cadets. On Sunday the Mixed Team competition will be held.