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Yakub Shamilov keeps Koga away from gold in Tashkent

20 Sep 2019 16:50

 IJF Media department    IJF Gabriela Sabau / International Judo Federation

For the second time of the first day at the Grand Prix in Tashkent, a Japanese fighter and a Russian, were opposed in the final. First in action, Yakub Shamilov put at risk Yuji Aida on a lateral move concluded on a yoko-tomoe-nage but did not score. A few seconds later, it is again on a spectacular action of the Russian, that the Japanese drew a sun under the roof of the Humo Arena to be led by a waza-ari.

Aida came back in action very quickly with a shoulder movement for a waza-ari each. It took an extra acrobatic move from Shamilov to determine the winner and once again on this first day of competition, it was the Russian who won against the Japanese.

It only took thirty seconds for Mohamed Abdelmawgoud (EGY) to conclude a ground session, like the one one learns in all judo schools to win the bronze medal. From a missed drop-seoi-nage attack by Yarin Menaged (ISR), the Egyptian bypassed his opponent and engaged a shime-waza combined with an arm-lock for Ippon.

For the second bronze medal, once again the arena began to explode when Sardor Nurillaev (UZB) entered the tatami against Ibrahim Aliyev (AZE), hoping to win a second medal for the host country. Taking the lead with an inverted shoulder movement, Nurillaev gave hope to a whole country. The hardest was yet to come, keep this advantage. This is what the Uzbek did with courage, as he even scored a second waza-ari within thirty seconds of the end of the match. And two medals for Uzbekistan.

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  • Yuji Aida (JPN) - World Championships Juniors Nassau (2018, BAH) - © IJF Media Team, International Judo Federation
  • Mohamed Abdelmawgoud (EGY) - Grand Prix Tashkent (2019, UZB) - © IJF Marina Mayorova, International Judo Federation
  • Sardor Nurillaev (UZB), Bence Boros (HUN) - Grand Prix Tashkent (2019, UZB) - © IJF Marina Mayorova, International Judo Federation

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