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Brazilian Juniors shine at Pan American Championships in Cali
Brazilian Juniors shine at Pan American Championships in Cali
21 Jul 2019 06:20
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After winning nine titles in the cadet category the day before, Brazilian judokas were back on the mats on Saturday in Cali, in Colombia, for the Junior Pan American Championships. The Brazilian squad added seven more victories to their collection. Second nation was Mexico with two titles.

Brazil captured gold via Laura Ferreira U48kg, Vitoria Andrade gold U57kg and Laislaine Rocha took the title U78kg.

The only Canadian victory of the day was won by Asia Douglas who, 24 hours after winning a silver medal as a cadet, competed in +78 kg. She had a score of one victory and one loss, like her two opponents, Brazilian Luiza Cruz and Columbian Laura Castillo.

Judges needed a tie-breaker to determine the winners, which, as explained by Émond, disadvantaged Douglas.

“All three competitors had the same score, and when that happens, we have to use the duration of the fights. Asia had defeated the gold medallist, but she also took the longest to win her bout, so she’s leaving with a bronze medal.” 

In U90 kg, Igor Mrosihigue captured the gold medal for Brazil against Canadian Arm Abd Elrehim, his second medal in two days. After losing his first bout against American Issei Barefoot, the eventual gold medallist, the Ontarian bounced back and won both his fights by ippon in repechage, against Arturo Campos, from Mexico, and Juan Diaz, from Columbia.

Bothered by a foot injury, Abd Elrehim concluded a demanding day by winning by ippon once again, this time against Venezuelan Ramses Anselmi in the bronze-medal contest. 

“It wasn’t easy! He was injured, and at one point, I wasn’t sure he would keep going. He decided to keep fighting, despite being in pain. He was brave and definitely deserves his medal,” added Émond.

Brazil won more gold medals in the men’s division by Willian Lima U66kg, Lucas Lima U100kg and Lucas Brito in the heavyweights.

There was gold for Jacob More of the USA U60kg. Gilberto Cardoso of Mexico U73kg and Argentine Victor Gonzalez U81kg.