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Guram Tushishvili destroyed 4 opponents within 5 minutes

25 Jun 2019 09:35

   Christian Fidler

Guram Tushishvili again proved to be the strongest judoka in the world. He keeps growing and with by retaining his European title, the Georgian is lined up for more success at the World Championships. The European competitors seemed to dominate in the world’s heavyweight category.

Although the heavyweight title is so important for the Japanese, no one seems to be worried about the other continents as Europe has to most dynamical athletes and that seems to be the dynamics needed to be successful.

The current heavyweight has speed, is flexible, can drift and throw. The dynamics of the +100kg category changed tremendously and with Guram Tushishvili a typical attractive and dynamical athlete won the double. Good for judo and for the fans. In the final Tushishvili defeated Russia’s strong man Inal Tasoev. Tasoev showed his great skills over the last two years and is able to win of the best. He simply destroyed Krpalek in 5 seconds in Abu Dhabi last year and in Minsk he needed 57 seconds to defeat the World silver medallist Ushangi Kokauri in the semi-final. Before that he had again won against Krpalek. Tushishvili benefit of the open minded Russian and captured the Games gold in 100 seconds.

Tough final

Tushishvili: "I was pushing myself very hard to get that result. The final was very emotional for me. This final was tough. Tasoev is a young guy with very good technique. But I was able to overcome him. It's my first European Games and the first European championship in my career. I don't want to complain, I'm happy. But I tuned myself to win. Maybe exactly this was a mistake."

In the semi final Tushishvili was able to overcome the experienced Dutchman Henk Grol.

Tushishvili: "Grol is one of the best and he is always hard to fight."

Grol defeated Lukas Krpalek for bronze, like he did in Osaka and despite his 34 years he can still measure with the best. Also Stephan Hegyi, same generation as Tasoev, was strong in Minsk. He lost to Grol in the quarter final but fought back to bronze against Kokauri.

The final was the second confrontation between Russia and Georgia.

Tushishvili: “You know there are some problems between Russia and Georgia but this is sport without politics."

Mixed feelings for Tasoev

The silver medallist had mixed emotions after the final.

Tasoev: "It's mixed emotions. I don't know if I should be rejoicing or sorrowful, but I'm happy at this moment In the final I made a mistake: I gave the match away, I gave my back, my arm to my opponent. We will analyse my mistakes with my coaches and use it to prepare for other competitions."

Were the Games special for you?

Tasoev: “Nothing to complain here, only positive emotions. I have no words to describe this atmosphere, this support from the tribunes. I will remember this forever."

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  • Guram Tushishvili (GEO) - European Games Minsk (2019, BLR) - © Christian Fidler
  • Inal Tasoev (RUS) - European Games Minsk (2019, BLR) - © Christian Fidler
  • Henk Grol (NED) - European Games Minsk (2019, BLR) - © Christian Fidler

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