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Cuban men test World Championships form successfully in Quito
Cuban men test World Championships form successfully in Quito
17 Jun 2019 09:30 / judo news, results and photos

For the first time in the history of Ecuador a Continental Open was organised in Quito. Cuba topped the medal tally with five gold medals. In the team some of the top participants at the forthcoming world championships in Tokyo. Osniel Solis won the gold U66kg.

Magdiel Estrada defeated Alonso Wong (PER) in the U73kg class. World Championships runner-up Ivan Silva Morales took the gold medal in his U90kg weight class against Peruvian Yuta Galarreta Villar. Liester Cardona won the U100kg categort. The last and fifth gold for Cuba was for heavyweight Andy Granda.

Home nation Ecuador cheered for U60kg winner Steven Morocho and obviously the experienced Vanessa Chala who captured the first place U78kg. Chala won her 18th World Cup medal for her country, all at continental open level and it was her sixth victory.

The number five of the Olympic Games Mariana Silva tested herself successfully with a comeback U63kg. The Brazilian didn’t fight internationally since two years. In May 2017 she won bronze at the Grand Slam in Ekaterinburg. In Quito she captured the gold in the final against Stefania Garcia (ECU).