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Why Judo Is One of the Best Body Contact Sports to Bet On
Why Judo Is One of the Best Body Contact Sports to Bet On
30 May 2019 08:50
by Alex Larsens
Paco Lozano / Judo y Otros

Online sports betting is fast becoming a favourite past time for sports fans. Here is where fans can watch their favourite sports and make some real money while doing so simultaneously. The better informed the sports bettor, the better the odds of winning. As online casino gaming is gradually being accepted into modern society through new laws, we notice a trend of online sportsbooks appearing on notorious sites.

Keeping this in mind, bettors may want to consider which sports to bet on and the wisest choice would to bet on the sport you know the most about. However, if you are looking for a little side action and fun, you would want to choose a strategized body contact sport and it just so happens that Judo fits the bill perfectly. So what makes Judo one of the best sports to bet on? Check out 5 reasons why we approve of sports betting on the full body contact sport.

It’s a World Wide Sport

Judo is one of the most popular body contact sport right alongside jujitsu. The sport is about defence more than striking but the techniques used are so beautifully executed and easy to notice. Each move can be easily witnessed by spectators making it an ideal sport to bet on as punters can see where they are earning points or losing points. The popularity of the contact sport makes it accessible to many sports betting enthusiasts as chances are their favourite online sportsbooks will provide judo as a live betting option.

Exclusive Matches

Judo is a uniquely executed sport which offers exclusive events around the world. Annually there are matches which spectators eagerly anticipate as, unlike other sports, these have been put together over the space of time. Punters watch their favourite Olympian sportsmen take part in these events and place substantial wagers on them.


The sport takes place from the moment the opponents hit the floor. From here on outwards, it’s a fast paced action game. The grappling techniques need to be executed from the moment to the match begins.

Intriguing Strategies

Unlike any other sport, some regard Judo as having the most intriguing strategies. The ability to hit the floor at any given time, the fast floor work of grappling and the defence strategies used are unlike anything most sports fans new to Judo have ever witnessed. 

Although there are a number of moves to understand and learn before punters are able to place an informed bet, there are a number of sites which give detailed information regarding famed Judo sportsmen. This information is easily obtained and allows new sports bettors the opportunity to place quickly acquired strategic wagers on anticipated matches. Once online punters get a feel for the betting strategies, thereafter it’s simply about getting to understand the game, the opponents and the moves. Sports betting is about to become a whole lot more interesting for those looking to expand their wagering options in the sporting realm.