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Federation of Montenegro in trouble athletes still welcome
Federation of Montenegro in trouble athletes still welcome
7 Mar 2019 20:50 / judo news, results and photos

The Montenegro Judo Federation does not get any support anymore from either the government, nor the international federations. The IJF suspended the federation with immediate effect which was just a result of the sloppy internal affairs in Montenegro. The Judo Federation was the only federation that didn’t fulfil its duties to report to the government.

The government stated a few weeks ago not to support the federation anymore and now the International Judo Federation follows with a suspension of the federation. However the athletes are still welcome at the international events under the flag of the IJF. The athletes of Montenegro protested in 2017 against the behaviour of the federation.

Previously the IJF also supported the athletes of Venezuela despite the current internal situation.

Top athletes in Montenegro are Danilo Pantic U100kg 61 WRL, Srdjan Mrvaljevic U81kg 66 WRL, Nikola Gardasevic U73kg WRL 78 and athletes such as the brother Gusic Marko and Nikola and Jovana Pekovic who is the youngest talent.

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