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Portuguese titles for Diogo Silva and Taci Cesar without elite
Portuguese titles for Diogo Silva and Taci Cesar without elite
6 Nov 2017 15:00

At the Portuguese Championships Diogo Silva (27) won his tenth national senior title. The Portuguese heavyweight also won U23 and junior Portuguese titles, but is more or less undefeated since 2012 in his home country. Since 2013 he won the national titles. Silva won his first national title in 2009.

Another topscorer of national titles is Taciana Cesar, formerly known as Taciana Lima who started her career in Brazil and fights for Guinea Bissau. She won the title U52kg, her normal category is U48kg. World Junior medallist Patricia Sampaio captured the heavyweight title +70kg.

The highest seeded athlete in the World Ranking Joana Diogo (WRL-25) won the title U48kg. Oleinic, Fonseca, Ramos, Siderot, Monteiro, Egutidze and Ramirez who all have positions ranged from 13-31 in the World Ranking did not participate.

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Portuguese Record holders

13           Andreia Cavalleri

13           Hugo Assuncáo

12           Antonio Andrade

12           Catarina Rodrigues

11           Paula Saldanha

11           Pedro Soares

10           Pedro Cristovão

10           Diogo Silva