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IJF Academy in Ankara starts Level II

30 Oct 2017 16:05

   Turkish Judo Federation

Today the IJF Academy started in Turkish capital Ankara. Among the Alumni 22 Participants who will try to reach level 2 coaching. Coaches from Turkey (17), Kyrgyzstan, Bosnia Herzegovina, Nepal and Iran are gathered until 5 November.

The first day of the IJF Academy is accompanied by Turkish Judo President Sezer Huysuz, himself a successful judoka who completed level two. Mesut Kapan who is the general coordinator and IJF Academy National Coordinator was present as well. Until today 100 coaches from Turkey completed Level 1 and 24 completed level 2, level 2 is a higher level. The project started as a pilot for with Former TJF President Fatih Uysal.

Also in Ankara is IJF Sports Director Daniel Lascau who has been advising Turkey for years. Lascau was a World Champion in 1991.

Always deeply involved is Envic Galea, the Director of the IJF Academy and President of the Malta Judo Federation and Chairman of the EJU Medical Commission 7th Dan.

In addition to elements specific to the age groups, the Coach Level II syllabus contains core elements which are common to all sectors. On completion of a Level II course a coach will be expected to be able to identify and coach the basic competition model for National and Regional level. The coach will also be expected to be able to plan and implement a series of appropriate training sessions within the context of an annual training plan.

Responsible for the IJF Academy in Turkey is Kaya Gezeker, Executive Vice President of the Turkish Judo Federation and recently appointed as Ambassador for the IJF Academy.

The course was opened on Monday with an theory exam and followed in the afternoon by the Basics of Katame No Kata and Tachi-Waza and Ne Waza techniques.

The whole week will be packed with practical exercises.

IJF President Marius Vizer founded the IJF Academy, with the aim of educating coaches. “We want to help former judokas continue their path in our sport as coaches. The Academy is an important tool that helps us spread the knowledge and values of judo all over the world, including countries with less tradition and experience in our sport, but with a great potential and desire to develop judo.”

Started four years ago, the IJF Academy had an excellent progress and very good results. One third of our members are using the courses of the Academy, some countries even organizing their own national courses or teaming up with other countries for regional courses. The current number of graduates is close to 400 and it continues increasing.

Read more about the activities of Mark Huizinga in the IJF Academy.

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  • IJF Academy (IJF) - © Turkish Judo Federation
  • IJF Academy (IJF) - © Turkish Judo Federation
  • IJF Academy (IJF) - © Turkish Judo Federation

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