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Amelie Rosseneu shares the top 5 golden rules of healthy food

Amelie Rosseneu shares the top 5 golden rules of healthy food

6 Feb 2021 12:10
Amelie Rosseneu
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People from different cultures follow different diet patterns that are affected by habits, availability and local industry. There are many very different eating patterns, and none is superior to the others. What seems to be in common to all healthy diets is not the “what”, but the “how”. It is not the content of a meal that makes it healthy, but the way it is consumed, or in short: the five golden rules by former judoka Amelie Rosseneu.


No single food type contains all the essential nutrients. Food variation decreases the risk of deficiencies and challenges your taste buds.


Don’t categorize foods as “good” and “bad.” The only “bad” food is expired food. Instead, enjoy all foods in moderation. Anything eaten in moderation as part of a healthy diet is not going to harm you.

Go fresh

Eat food prepared in a kitchen not in a lab. Products with ingredients that remind you of a chemistry lesson are likely to be heavily processed. Always choose fresh over processed.

Do the test what fits you.

Enjoy Food

Take your time while eating to enjoy your meal. Satiety comes with a slight delay, so eat slowly to prevent overeating. Even with a busy lifestyle, allocate twenty minutes for every meal.


Water is as much a part of the game as carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Give as much attention to hydration as you give to solid foods

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