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Host city of Dubrovnik demands European Cup titles
Host city of Dubrovnik demands European Cup titles
31 Mar 2017 21:35
Paco Lozano / Judo y Otros

Italian Francesca Milani was the only athlete who won the European Cup of Dubrovnik twice, in the two previous editions of this European Cup in this beautiful city in Dubrovnik Croatia celebrated six gold medals. For this edition the host nation is determined to add a few good titles as it nominated some of its top athletes.

With Ivana Sutalo, from Dubrovnik the first seeded athlete is mentioned. Sutalo defends the title in the heavyweight category. Although in a somewhat poor field in the last three categories, the other division are well seeded and it shows the progression of the tournament which started with 132 athletes in 2015, grew to 209 last year and now expands with 268 judoka.

In total 44 athletes from Croatia with foremost strong women such as Andrea Bekic (winner in 2015), Tena Sikic, Maja Blagojevic, Ivana Maranic but without the two previous winners Barbara and Brigita Matic. Added with some of the finest talents like last year’s winner Tihea Topolovec , Iva Oberan, Lara Kliba and even a few talented cadets like cadet world number one Katarina Vukovic.

Also the French team with 41 participants will make an impact and the always strong Italian with 23 judoka and a surprising huge team from Montenegro. Serbia is a logical big delegation with 21 judoka. Four Dutch men are leading the seeded list and will have a stake in the medal tally this weekend.