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Dimitri Peters defeats Frey family at German Championships

21 Jan 2017 20:30

   Klaus Müller / Watch:

In a brand new hall in Duisburg the German Championships were held for the categories U60, U66, U100 and +100 and same divisions for women U48, U52, U78 and +78kg including some juicy finals.

Dimitri Peters won his sixth title defeating World Number two of 2015 Karl-Richard Frey U100kg in a spectaculair final. Where Johannes Frey was expected in the final against brother Karl-Richard it was Peters who progressed into the final where it was a hard fight for the ideal grip, something that was expected under the new rules. In the last minute when it was still equal Peters could get Frey in an ideal position and finished the match with jujigatame and defeated the Frey family in Duisburg.
In the men's heavyweights Andre Breitbarth defeated Dino Pfeiffer in the final and won his third national title.
In the lower categories Moritz Plafky captured his first title. In a field of 26 participants Plafky defeated Lukas Klemm as last opponent and converted last year's bronze to gold. U66kg Lukas Vennekold overcame Dennis Ehrmann.
In the women's division two women who defended last year's titles successfully. Lightweight Katharina Menz was again the strongest. It's her fourth title U48kg and this time Miriam Schneider was defeated. Heavyweight Carolin Weiss was able to benefit one one mistake of Olympian Jasmin Kuelbs and Weiss continued her number one position. 
Patrycia Szekely surprisingly defeated Nieke Nordmeyer in the final, who was last year's finallist against Ines Beischmidt. Szekely has now won Cadet, Junior and Senior title.
In the women's division U78kg Anna-Maria Wagner made the jump from two bronze medals in 2015 and 2016 to gold in 2017. Wagner defeated Marie Branser in the final. Wagner follows up Maike Ziech and becomes one of the youngest winner in this category ever, but Luise Malzahn who won the title four times was younger with 18 in 2008 but Franziska Konitz tops the table winning U78kg at the age of 16.
Tomorrow more action from Duisburg.

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  • Andre Breitbarth (GER), Dino Pfeiffer (GER), Pierre Borkowski (GER), Benjamin Bouizgarne (GER) - German Championships Duisburg (2017, GER) - © Klaus Müller, Watch:
  • Anna-Maria Wagner (GER), Marie Branser (COD), Regina Schneider (GER), Christina Faber (GER) - German Championships Duisburg (2017, GER) - © Klaus Müller, Watch:
  • Moritz Plafky (GER), Lukas Klemm (GER), Marcel Bizon (GER), Fabian Haessner (GER) - German Championships Duisburg (2017, GER) - © Klaus Müller, Watch:

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