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Double Olympic Champion Peter Seisenbacher faces worldwide search warrant

16 Jan 2017 14:55    Christian Fidler

Peter Seisenbacher is facing a world wide international arrest warrant. The double Olympic gold medallist of 1984 and 1988 failed to show up for his trial in Vienna, where he is accused of molesting two young girls. His lawyer claims he is not aware of the athlete's whereabouts.

Today at a Press announcement Seisenbacher is now officially 'wanted'. The judge suspended the proceedings on Tuesday 20 December, after Seisenbacher failed to show for in the court for two days in a row.
"We have not received any information from the defense on his whereabouts or on the reason for his absence," court spokeswoman Christina Salzborn who announced today's press release.
Seisenbacher became the first judoka to ever win two Olympic gold medals in a row, winning in Los Angeles in 1984 and Seoul 1988. He was named Austrian athlete of the year on three occasions and he is IJF Hall of Famer. The now 56-year-old Austrian currently works as a head coach for the Azerbaijan judo team.
The Vienna Regional Court of Justice deliberately did not communicate to the outside world that Peter Seisenbacher had already launched the worldwide search immediately after the rescheduled negotiation date. "For criminal reasons and not to hinder the search, the media and the general public have not been given any information," said Salzborn.
However, the search for Seisenbacher did not succeed in the past four weeks. The 56-year-old judo coach is no longer in Azerbaijan but is still CEO of an international company in the United States Wayward digging up commodities such as gold, oil and gas.


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  • Peter Seisenbacher (AUT) - © David Finch,
  • Peter Seisenbacher (AUT) - Grand Prix Düsseldorf (2016, GER) - © Christian Fidler
  • Peter Seisenbacher (AUT) - World Cup Prague (2012, CZE) - © Christian Fidler

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