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Finnish Olympian Juho Reinvall shows the vulnerable side of judo

27 Sep 2016 09:00    Facebook

Lightweight Juho Reinvall is multiple Finnish judo champion U60kg since 2007 with a range of consecutive titles. He competed at European and World Championships and fought at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. He won the Nordic Championships in 2007 and 2009. In 2010 he was fifth at the European U23 Championships and he won the Swiss Open in 2009. In advance of the Olympic Games he showed his vulnerable side, and showed himself naked on internet along with a few other Finnish Olympians.

Reinvall who lost at the Rio Olympics to Mongolian talent Tsend-Ochir speaks about the sport that determined his life and his body.  Reinvall: "The sport is often dictated by the body and not your own desire. Success is useless to dream, if the head does not last nor the essence of the game. I look at my body, largely through weight loss. Following weight every day, and it defines what needs to be done. I compete under the 60-kg category, and usually before the competition to keep the weight to drop three to four pounds. This is done by reducing carbohydrates and reducing portion sizes. Last kilos dropped a relaxing sauna. Actual slimming it is not. Removed from the body fluids and intestinal content."

"I am 166 cm long, the shortest in my class. However, judo can succeed in a diversity of body structure. Body characteristics affect, above all, to match what the tactic is chosen. the style is also analyzed and adapted to their own. Own strengths are speed and explosiveness. Judo already basic courses are taught how to behave at the gym: your opponents are respected, respect for the sensei and behave in a dignified manner. Judo definitely includes all these values in my life. "

This weekend the European Cup in Tampere takes place with an exciting mix of young and old Finnish players. The Finnish youngsters are coming, watch them in Tampere. They want to perform at the tournaments where Reinvall has been, but now they want to shine at those best events in the world, and Finland has the generation to do that. Back to the old days.

About Finland

Judo Finland organised the Judo Cadet European Championships in 2016 in Vantaa and Senior Europeans in 2006 in Tampere. Juha Salonen was the most successful Finnish judoka with a European title and World Championships bronze. Nowadays Finnish Judo is knows but judoka Emilia Kanerva and Oskari Makinen. Judoshiai is the most popular judo website in Finland. Juho Reinvall was judoka in Rio2016 for Suomi. Jaana Sundberg, Johanna Ylinen and Valtteri Jokinen were judoka in London2012 for Judo Suomi.

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  • Juho Reinvall (FIN) - European Games Baku (2015, AZE) - © Emir Incegul, Turkish Judo Federation
  • Juho Reinvall (FIN) - European Championships Chelyabinsk (2012, RUS) - © Vitaliy Gubin
  • Juho Reinvall (FIN) - European Championships Chelyabinsk (2012, RUS) - © Vitaliy Gubin

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