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The quality of the training camp in Castelldefels is unrivaled

8 Jul 2016 11:00

   Gabi Juan / Hajime Judo
2016 Castelldefels Ono - Riner

The Training Camp in Castelldefels is over with a week of intensive training days on the side of the beach. Every athlete was clear: Quality-wise the best Training Camp of the year. Most teams were present just below Barcelona training twice a day with sight on the beach and the feeling of sweat in the dark, wet gis. Only the teams of Korea, Georgia, Mongolia and some of the Pan American teams were missed in Spain. Mongolia and USA trained in France three weeks ago, but the Koreans are hiding again, but seemed to be in state of war for the Games with a super strong team.

Most of the Japanese weren’t hiding in Castelldefels and showed some awesome randoris. Obviously interesting was the gutsy randori between Shohei Ono and Teddy Riner, where Ono threw Riner by uchimata, whether Teddy allowed him or not, it was the buzz of the day.

Another buzz was to prevent injuries such as vice world champion Ana Velensek who got injured in Castelldefels which may be a threat for her Rio participation. In general the teams were extremely satisfied with the opposition in Castelldefels where also lots of juniors were training and had the opportunity to feel the world and Olympic Champions. About half of the 2012 Olympic Champions and 2015 World Championships trained in Castell. Although some of the randoris were challenged to learn of the opponent, the overall feeling was good and Olympic medal favourites such as Takanori Nagase, Yeldos Smetov, Shohei Ono showed a great shape. Whether it pays out, we will know in August as the athletes have to overcome a jet leg now and end of July when they arrive in Rio. This may be the reason for the Koreans, not to travel to Europe this occasion.

The combination of hard training with the best field and the relaxed atmosphere of the beach and pools makes Castelldefels unrivaled.

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  • Shohei Ono (JPN), Teddy Riner (FRA) - Training Centre Castelldefels (2016, ESP) - © Gabi Juan, Hajime Judo
  • Photos with JudoInside news (2016, NED) - © Gabi Juan, Hajime Judo
  • Photos with JudoInside news (2016, NED) - © Gabi Juan, Hajime Judo

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