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French Olympic selection with Gneto, Pavia, Khyar and Le Blouch

1 Jun 2016 15:50

   Daniel Oprescu
20160530_EOpen_ClujNapoca_Oprescu_D3D_9119_Kilian Le Blouch

Some surprising names in the French selection for Rio. Some nasty decision had to be taken with just one judoka in each weight category. Hardest choices were made in the women’s divisions were in the category U52kg Priscilla Gneto was chosen over Annabelle Euranie. The French opted for the future instead of the highest rank, something we saw in other occasions as well.

Gneto can prolong an Olympic medal, in 2012 she won bronze. Also Automne Pavia who won bronze in London as well was selected instead of Helene Receveaux, the number three of the world ranking.

The other names were no surprise: Laetitia Payet (U48kg), Clarisse Agbegnenou (U63kg), World Champion Gevrise Emane (U70kg), Audrey Tcheumeo (U78kg) and Emilie Andeol (+78kg).

In the men’s division the French went for the future as well U60kg with a choice for Walide Khyar. He amazed with a European title in Kazan in 2016 and is the man in shape despite the higher rank of Vincent Limare who won silver this weekend at the Masters in Guadalajara. In fact informally the decision was taken after the European title. The men U66kg became a tragedy for Loic Korval who’s suspension was maintained and where his former rival (the 2014 European final) David Larose retired, it was Kilian Le Blouch who was able to qualify. He won bronze at the Grand Slam of Paris which is a good indication of a world level performance. Pierre Duprat was in fact unrivaled U73kg.

2013 World Champion Loic Pietri was certain for a long time, but has to work hard to get back to his shape. His last two tournaments weren’t easy for Pietri to adjust the level of the amazing category U81kg. Alexandre Iddir was the first man from the start U90kg despite the excellent performances of Axel Clerget who climbed into the top 20 of the world. Clerget knows his position but gave his best. Cyrille Maret and Teddy Riner were not under discussion at all. The French team hosts 5 of the 7 Olympic medallists of the 2012 Olympic Games, Ugo Legrand and Lucie Decosse retired. Since 2012 the French captured world titles by Riner (3), Pietri (2013), Agbegnenou (2014) and Emane (2015).

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  • Automne Pavia (FRA) - European Championships Kazan (2016, RUS) - © Emmeric Le Person
  • Walide Khyar (FRA) - European Team Championships Kazan (2016, RUS) - © Emmeric Le Person
  • Priscilla Gneto (FRA) - European Championships Kazan (2016, RUS) - © Emmeric Le Person

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