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Shavdatuashvili and Tatalashvili battle for one Georgian Olympic spot
Shavdatuashvili and Tatalashvili battle for one Georgian Olympic spot
14 May 2016 11:10

The battle between Nugzari Tatalashvili and Lasha Shavdatuashvili is in full force at the Grand Prix of Almaty. The two rivals have reached the final block, but it was Shavdatuashvili who reached the final while Tatalashvili got a huge spanking by today’s Czech sensation Jaromir Jezek who’s absolutely on fire.

The Czech defeated Tatalashvili with a textbook Ko-Soto in the semi final, with a superb action reaction, brilliant steering work and a direct ippon. Jezek also defeated Sai Yinjirigala of China and last week’s winner Mirali Sharipov in his second round. Only a victory might bring Jezek back into business for direct qualification, but he might benefit from continental quota with his performance. Back to the Georgian situation, Tatalashvili in the lead, but after today the papers maybe different. The Masters in Guadalajara will give us the answer.

2013 World Champion Loic Pietri scratched his head after a loss against rookie Frank de Wit in his first match, De Wit lost again to Ivan Felipe Silva Morales of Cuba, who’s in the final, but the Wit is going for bronze. Matteo Marconcini is the other finalist. The Italian surprised Vladimir Zoloev with a huge ippon in the semi final. Marconcini started his successful campaign too late, but he is in a bloody shape right now, but with this result he already passed Antonio Ciano who’s selected based on continental quota, so Marconcini maybe just in time, a victory would help him though. Leandro Guilheiro (BRA) was in a good shape and goes for bronze after a great ippon against Sabirov, a vintage hane-goshi, juice for our joint judo-heart.

Tsend-Ayush Tserennadmid of Mongolia is in the final U63kg against Margaux Pinot of France. The French again made it in her new category just like in Samsun in April when she won. She won four battles and sent Juul Franssen (NED) for bronze in the semi final. Tsend-Ayush defeated the other French, Marielle Pruvost in her first match, and via Stefanie Tremblay and Mia Hermansson she reached the final, both Tremblay as Hermansson have the bronze match.

The final U70kg is between Marie Eve Gahie of France and the other  Tsend Ayush, Naranjargal. Tsend Ayush defeated Chinese Zhou Chao in the semi and Gahie overcame Katarzyna Klys of Poland. Klys will fight Onix Cortes (CUB) while Zhou fights Puerto Rican sensation Maria Perez who’s again in a small final.