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Unseeded Joshiro Maruyama teaches judo in Almaty

13 May 2016 15:10

   taken from video
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Japanese Joshiro Maruyama was the sensation today as non seeded athlete in the final of this Grand Prix in Almaty. In the final Maruyama was again in the lead with his great uchimata’s but it seems that the kumi kata is almost irrelevant for the athlete who throws from each corner with or without judogi in his hand. Sometimes oversteered, sometimes enough for a wazari but he is efficient in his attacks.

Maruyama won the gold U66kg when again he struck with uchimata against Zhansay Smagulov and walked away with a smile after a hand from coach Kosei Inoue, who wouldn’t?

Maruyama defeated bronze medallist Kilian Le Blouch (FRA) in the quarter final and bronze medallist Yeldos Zhumakhanov (KAZ) in the semi final. Smagulov had a little role in the final, bow and be thrown, but had an outstanding day as well beating European opponents such as Sandal, Lefevere, Basile and in the semi final teammate Mukanov.

Maruyama picked up his first IJF Tour medal. He won the Olympic test event in Rio in March and won silver at the All Japan Championships against Hifumi Abe. Now he took gold, widely televised around the judo globe.

Yeldos Zhumakanov of Kazachstan won the bronze medal against Fabio Basile as the young Italian received two penalties during the match. Azamat Mukanov gave away his lead in the last seconds against Kilian Le Blouch. Mukanov scored a yuko after two minutes but was penalized four times in the last 90 seconds, that’s quite unique. 


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  • Joshiro Maruyama (JPN) - Grand Prix Almaty (2016, KAZ) - © taken from video
  • Joshiro Maruyama (JPN) - Grand Prix Almaty (2016, KAZ) - © IJF Gabriela Sabau, International Judo Federation
  • Joshiro Maruyama (JPN) - Grand Prix Almaty (2016, KAZ) - © IJF Gabriela Sabau, International Judo Federation

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