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Hisayoshi Harasawa defeats Ryu Shichinohe at all Japan Judo Championships
Hisayoshi Harasawa defeats Ryu Shichinohe at all Japan Judo Championships
2 Apr 2016 11:05
IJF Media Team / International Judo Federation

Some big surprises at the All Japan Championships this weekend in Fukuoka. In the men’s U90kg Daiki Nishiyama defeated Mashu Baker. Baker is the World Championships bronze medallist of Astana in 2015. Baker is ranked 4th in the World Ranking, Nishiyama 11th, so a decision has to be made by the technical staff of the All Japan Judo Federation.

In the men’s U100kg it was Aaron Wolf who won the gold medal today in Fukuoka. World Champion Ryunosuke Haga was protected today and didn’t have to fight. Japan learned from its mistakes in 2012 to make this championship the only qualification event for the London Olympics. Wolf is ranked 23 in the World Ranking.

An essential battle was between Hisayoshi Harasawa and Ryu Shichinohe, in this case decided by Harasawa in the final against his rival. Harasawa (2) passed Shichinohe (4) on the World Ranking last year. 2010 Open World Champion Daiki Kamikawa won bronze. Last year's all-Japan national champion Harasawa defeated Ryu Shichinohe on points in the final at Fukuoka Kokusai Center on the first day of the meet that serves as the final qualifier for this summer's Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

Aimi Nouchi won the Japanese title U63kg. In the final she overcame Megumi Tsugane. Miku Tashiro, the world’s number 6 won bronze. In the women’s U70kg Haruka Tachimoto won her third All Japan career title, the same final like last year against Chizuru Arai. Both rivals are the highest ranked women U70kg, Tachimoto 11, Arai 7th. Tachimoto competed at the Olympic Games in 2012 where she finished seventh in a disappointing Olympic Games for Japan where only Kaori Matsumoto won a gold medal.

The competitive category U78kg the gold was captured by Ruiko Sato who won her third All Japan title in her career. World Champion Mami Umeki won bronze. The final was between Sato and Ogata, the number 15 and 24 of the World Ranking. Umeki is 8th due to her 900 points in Astana and Shori Hamada who won bronze as well, is 23. This can be an interesting decision for the technical staff.

The heavyweight title was won by Kanae Yamabe, the world’s number 12. In the final she bested Sarah Asahina. Megumi Tachimoto, seen as the best Japanese won bronze.