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Olympic medallist Rosalba Forciniti is pregnant

17 Sep 2014 14:50    IJF Media Team / International Judo Federation
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Two years after the London Olympic Games, 28-year old Rosalba Forciniti, has another ambition. The wonder girl from Italy who took the bronze medal quoted: "The good girls go to heaven, the bad girls go to London". So girls, get ready for Rio and be a bad girl (on the tatami). A nice lesson by an Olympian who recently surprised us.

In March she won silver at the Grand Prix in Georgia, and October last year she won the European Open in Rome. We asked her about the change in her life.

Hello Bad girl! Is it gonna be a bad girl or bad boy?

RS: Former bad girl! I’m actually quite sweet. Hmmm should I tell….


Come on tell us about your forthcoming ambition.

RS: I didnt tell you about my pregnancy until now because I’m very careful with this! I have decided to tell you when I came back from the USA, after my holiday.


Or in case you’d like to keep the ‘gender’ secret for please tell us if the baby kicks, or does ebi, then we know enough.

RS: She does ebi, okay, it’s going to be a little girl. But not a bad girl, worse actually because I already feel her enough, so she also kicks like a boy.


After your medal in London you’ve seen so many children, also abroad. Did you think by yourself, to enrich your life with a child?

RS: To be honest, I didn’t expect this at all. I could not imagine all of this for me. I hadn’t planned it, because I had already started with some competition. I seriously started from May for the Olympic Qualification. But it’s a blessing from the sky, suddenly that story is the next story, it’s always in my life this way.


You’ve been very active for the children in Haiti, what did that ‘work’ do to you?

RS: I'm still active for the children of Haiti. They are in my heart forever. As soon as I can I will go to Haiti to be with them. I enjoyed most of them. Children capture your heart that no one can. I have been lucky to meet them.


We hoped that you would see you on the international tatami, but something got in between?

RS: My last competition was in Tbilisi I had left a great desire to win.


Will you return after giving birth, like Giulia Quintavalle?

RS: I'll try to come back after giving birth. I will try the qualification, because nothing is impossible. And my family will be with me.


Good to know that judo mothers like Katarzyna Klys (POL) and Annabelle Euranie (FRA) won big medals last week at the Grand Prix of Zagreb.

RS: I will try, but first things first.


Your Facebook says: Past: “Bad judoka” does that mean that Rosalba is sweet and vulnerable now as a future mother, or have you in fact always been sweet?

RS: I'm an eternal romantic woman, I am very sweet and passionate, but bad girl too !!! I’m all!! I cry so much and I smile so much.


"The good girls go to heaven, the bad girls go to Rio"


You’re from Rome, most of the successes come from the people from the south, do you agree?

RS: I live in Rome but I was born in the south of Italy, we have so much more. We have the hunger for success.


And do people from the south have a sort of surviving mentality?

RS: We want to win, we want to dream when you cannot even dream of.


Your highest position at the IJF World Ranking was 13th, not unlucky, but Italy is not in a lucky era now. In fact just 1 judoka in the top 10 of the world. What is happening?

RS: I’m not fighting anymore, that’s the reason, hahahaha.


Are you still training a little bit for fun?

RS: I train I always go to the gym and in the swimming pool. I am always ready for something.  If not I become a whale!!! Hahahaha.

Next month I start to teach judo courses to young children. I’m so happy to work with them. It will be important for me. Then I'm always around Italy in many judo clubs for a clinic and training session for children, I will be present in the most important events of the children.


We wish you all the best as mother, but hope you will give birth to a beautiful (we have no doubts) but foremost a healthy baby.

RS: Grazie! Thanks to, I’m sure that many people follow you guys. Kisses to all of them from Rosalba.


For those who are worried, when is it expected



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  • Kum Ae An (PRK), Yanet Bermoy Acosta (CUB), Priscilla Gneto (FRA), Rosalba Forciniti (ITA) - Olympic Games London (2012, GBR) - © IJF Media Team, International Judo Federation

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