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The World Tour analysed by age

The World Tour analysed by age

9 Dec 2015 17:05
IJF Media Team / International Judo Federation

During the Olympic cycle the average age of medal winners in the IJF World Tour becomes older each year. The average age of a World Tour medallist was 24.09 in 2012, 24.34 in 2013, 24.67 in 2014 and 24.90 in 2015. In 2011 the average age was 25.17. This underlines that a number of the experienced judoka retire after the Olympic Games and give more medal space to the younger generation. The patron is the same looking to the top 8 positions instead of top 3.

The average age of the female medallists in 2015 was a little bit older (25.17) than the men (24.63). A likely theory is that in the men’s division there’s more competition and women can stay longer in the top. In 2015 60% men participated at the 16 events (1 World Championship, 1 Masters, 5 Grand Slams, 9 Grand Prix events) against 40% women.

That small age gender difference was also the case in 2007, a comparable pre-Olympic year as 2011 and 2015, although the world tour consisted of World Cups and Super World Cups.

Most efficient country this year was Japan sending out 191 judoka to 12 events who won 135 medals, 63 gold, 29 silver and 43 bronze medals, a medal conversion of 71% in the World Tour.

The average age of the medal winning Japanese men was 22.92, much younger than average (24.63) and the women were 23.04, two years younger compared to the average of 25.17.

One of the most interesting matches was between the (later) World Junior Champion Distria Krasniqi (KOS) who defeated Belgian Veteran Ilse Heylen, with an age difference of 19 years. Krasniqi turns 20 at 10 December (tomorrow). Not always the youngster wins, Kiyoshi Uematsu (ESP) defeated Mongolian rookie Balsanlkhundev Ganbold in Abu Dhabi with an age difference of 18 years. delivers federations Analytical management information. In this important year to come, this is your chance to benefit and to prepare for 2016 and beyond. Your medal journey starts with 

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