World Championships Osaka - Event

World Championships Osaka

  • Date: 11 Sep 2003 - 14 Sep 2003
  • Place: Osaka, Japan
  • Type: World Championships
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Daniela Krukower: The Judo Day of my Life

6 Jun 2020 11:10

In a glorious decade fighting for Argentina, the country of her birth, Daniela Krukower -63kg achieved 8 Continental Championship medals, two of them Gold, the pinnacle being her World Championship victory in Osaka 2003. As a young girl Daniela’s family moved from Buenos Aires to Israel, where she took her first steps on her judo journey. She excelled at the sport and was soon representing her country in International tournaments. Read more


The life story of Kosei Inoue

18 May 2020 09:25

Last weekend Japanese headcoach celebrated his 42nd birthday. Kosei Inoue was born in southern Japan, on the island of Kyushu, in the province of Miyazaki. It almost sounds like a name you’d see in a manga. He was a member of the Seijukan Dojo at five years old. The purity of his intentions and his obsessive quest for perfection made of him not a judoka among so many others. Read more


Christina Yannetsos qualified afterall for Olympics as doctor

13 May 2020 13:20

Greek-American Dr. Christina Yannetsos qualified for the USA Judo Team in 2004 in her judo weight class and was on her way to the Olympics in Athens, Greece, when a shoulder injury during the U.S. Olympic Trials that year kept her from competing though she was able to attend the Athens Olympics as an alternate and training partner for the team, an article on the Team USA website noted. Read more


Judo in the time of Covid-19: Yvonne Boenisch

26 Apr 2020 14:20

Yvonne Boenisch became 2004 Olympic Champion in Athens. That one day that changed her career, her life as she lost two World Championships final, but it was all worth it. She knew this was her day. After her career she became a coach, first in Germany in her city Potsdam and later as coach of the Israelian women’s team. Oon Yeoh spoke to Boenisch about that one day, her opponents and her current job in the time of Covid-19. Read more


Olympian Mario Sabino Jr. shot dead

27 Oct 2019 10:55

Brazilian Olympic judoka Mario Sabino Junior was shot dead on Friday near Sao Paulo at the age of 47, the Brazilian Judo Federation announced. Sabino Junior represented his country at the 2000 and 2004 Olympic Games in the U100kg category, and won bronze at the 2003 world championships in Osaka where Kosei Inoue won the title. Michele Monti was fifth, he passed away this year. Read more