Pan American Cup U21 Lima - Event

Pan American Cup U21 Lima

  • Date: 2 Jun 2019 - 2 Jun 2019
  • Place: Lima, Peru
  • Type: IJF Junior World Tour
  • Comparable competitions:

Judo in the time of Covid19: Rodrigo Janeiro

15 May 2020 09:45

You may think that Portugal has quite an old successful team with Telma Monteiro (34), Rochele Nunes (30), Joana Ramos (38), Yahima Ramirez (40) and World Champion Jorge Fonseca (27) and finalist Barbara Timo have at least an experienced age. However looking into the future the Portuguese did a lot about recruiting new talent. Not just Patricia Sampaio who is more arrived, but true youngsters challenging at cadet or junior level. Read more