Judo in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabia Judo Federation is a new federation with a new leadership. They are facing several challenges at different levels to develop judo and catch up with the International level. As part of their vision for the future, they are focusing on the youth. They have realised that to develop judo further they have to invest in the younger generation. Thus the Judo in Schools programme is a way to support that vision. Judo in schools has now started in the capital Riyadh. The success of the schools participating initially will help the federation to upscale the Judo In Schools programme in Riyadh and in the rest of KSA.

Eisa Majrashi - Idol

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Name Birthdate Age
Abdulaziz Sughayyir2 Jul 200020 years
Abdullah Albarakati13 Jul 199921 years
Yazeed Alenazi18 Jul 200317 years
Eisa Majrashi19 Jul 198634 years
Saad Al Jurayyd24 Jul 200218 years