Judo in Luxembourg

Luxembourg will host the 2020 Junior European Championships. The best athletes of Luxembourg were Marie Muller who was fifth at the 2012 Olympic Games and Lynn Mossong who competed at various World Championships. Igor Mueller won various medals in the nineties at World Cup events, A-tournaments. Manon Durbach won World Cup medals in 2016 including the World Tour.

Marie Muller - Idol

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Judo event Type Place Date
Luxembourg Championships Bad MondorfNCBad Mondorf8 Dec 2018
Luxembourg Championships U21 NJun8 Dec 2017
Luxembourg Championships U18 NCadet8 Dec 2017
Luxembourg Championships NC8 Dec 2017
Luxembourg Championships U21 La CoqueNJunLa Coque5 Mar 2016


Name Birthdate Age
Taylor King23 Feb 199227 years
Andrea Fritsch26 Feb 199920 years
Melissa Pereira Briosa3 Mar 199623 years
Gina Goedert5 Mar 199425 years
Michel Wersandt10 Mar 199326 years