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Judo in Iceland is modest. Bjarni Fridriksson was the best judoka with an Olympic bronze medal in 1984 in Los Angeles. Later Bjarni Fridriksson became General Secretary of the Iceland Judo Federation. Vernhard Thorleifsson was a good heavyweight who won World Cup medals and Thormodur Jonsson was super heavyweight who won Judo World Cup medals such as the European Open in Glasgow in 2015. Thormodur Jonsson won the Nordic Championships and participated at the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016. The Nordic Championships of 2015 were held in Reykjavik.

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  • Bjarni Fridriksson
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Bjarni Fridriksson - Super star

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Judo event Type Place Date
Reykjavik Judo OpenITReykjavik26 Jan 2019
Icelandic Championships ReykjavikNCReykjavik5 May 2018
Icelandic U21 Championships ReykjavikNJunReykjavik14 Apr 2018
Icelandic U18 Championships ReykjavikNCadetReykjavik14 Apr 2018
Icelandic U21 Tournament ReykjavikITJunReykjavik17 Mar 2018


Name Birthdate Age
Axel Jonsson23 Feb 198138 years
Ulfur Bodvarsson2 Mar 199920 years
Thormodur Jonsson2 Mar 198336 years
Sigurdur Bergmann9 Mar 196158 years
Grimur Ivarsson12 Mar 199821 years