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Tel Aviv promoted to Grand Slam

3 Dec 2020 11:00

The International Judo Federation selected Tel Aviv to host one of its iconic Grand Slam tournaments in February 2021, an Israeli judo official confirmed this week. Israel Judo Association President Moshe Ponte announced that Israel will have the unique opportunity to welcome champions for the Grand Slam instead of the Grand Prix level in 2021. Read more


Different styles of the category U90kg

2 Dec 2020 16:05

Without doubt, Ilias Iliadis wrote a nice chapter in judo history, most part of his legacy was made in 90kg class. But since the olympic champion stepped back from the tatami, this weight category has experienced a lot of changes. Nowadays, without such judo hero, the crown is looking for a new king and there are a lot of candidates fighting for it. European Champion Mikhail Igolnikov could be the chosen one. Read more


Is judo a guarantee to be a top fighter in MMA

2 Dec 2020 15:15

It’s hard to predict whether judoka are the ideal MMA fighters. Most fighters in Mixed Martial arts weren’t successful judoka. Some exceptions obviously with Kayla Harrison, Pawel Nastula, Satoshi Ishii and Hidehiko Yoshida, but not all were great MMA fighters. The best MMA fighters with a judo background seemed to be mediocre in their first sport judo. Read more

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