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Record number of participants at Grand Prix Tashkent

19 Sep 2019 17:40

After the World Championships in Tokyo the IJF World Tour continues at full force with a record number of participants in Tashkent that hosts 423 athletes from 71 nations. Never before the number of athletes was so big. The previous record was set in 2015, in the previous pre-Olympic year with 354 including 199 men. This week 423 athletes with 232 men and 191 women will fight in Tashkent. Read more


Diyorbek Urozboev takes his chance in Tashkent

19 Sep 2019 16:05

Tashkent will be the center of world judo with the seventh edition of the Grand Prix in Uzbekistan. The World Tour continues and valuable qualification points are at stake. Where athletes think that Tashkent is rather easy, will be looking surprised to the participants list containing a number of top athletes. Read more


Iran Judo Federation suspended by IJF

18 Sep 2019 11:45

Following what happened during the last World Judo Championships Tokyo 2019, the International Judo Federation pronounces against the Iran Judo Federation a protective suspension from all competitions, administrative and social activities organized or authorized by International Judo Federation and its Unions. Read more

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