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20161203_TokyoGS_IJF_JW_Saki Niizoe

Saki Niizoe makes golden debut in IJF World Tour

3 Dec 2016 12:25

Japanese Niizoe Saki made a dream start to life on the IJF circuit as she beat her nearest rival in Tyumen Grand Slam winner Arai Chizuru to top the podium. Read more

20161203_TokyoGS_IJF_JW_Kathrin Unterwurzacher

Austrian Kathrin Unterwurzacher picks up the road of success

3 Dec 2016 12:10

Austria's Kathrin Unterwurzacher won her second career Grand Slam gold medal as she defeated former Junior World Championships winner Minei Miho for U63kg gold. Read more

20161202_TokyoGS_IJF_JW_Hifumi Abe

Hifumi Abe definite new star U66kg

2 Dec 2016 13:35

Former Youth Olympic Games winner Abe Hifumi was the star of the show in the U66kg category as he defeated former Astana Grand Prix winner Hashiguchi Yuuki to win gold. Abe, 19, who is seen as one of the biggest Japanese talents, has been deliberately held back as Japan were reluctant to release him full-time on the circuit with 2020 in mind but that will change now. Read more

20161202_TokyoGS_IJF_JW_Ryuju Nagayama-JPN

Junior World champion Nagayama Ryuju steals the show U60kg

2 Dec 2016 13:30

Junior world champion Nagayama Ryuju shocked Rio 2016 Olympic bronze medallist Takato Naohisa to win U60kg gold on day one in Tokyo. The teammates who train together every day at Tokai University met in one of Japan’s four finals as Nagayama threw spectacularly with an uchi-mata for ippon with 44 seconds remaining as he lifted up Takato from his knees and over onto this back. The silver medallist gave Nagayama a pat on his back after the contested was awarded and both judoka will be in contention in 2017 on the IJF World Judo Tour. Read more

20161202_TokyoGS_IJF_JW_Yoshida Tsukasa

Tsukasa Yoshida grabs gold after 11 minute thriller final

2 Dec 2016 13:20

Japanese Yoshida Tsukasa retained her Tokyo Grand Slam title with a win against former world champion Udaka Nae to capture her fifth Grand Slam gold medal after a lung-busting 11 minute final. Yoshida, who is still only 21, opposed 2014 world champion Udaka, who was followed a year later by 2012 Olympic champion Matsumoto Kaori (JPN). After six energy-sapping yet engrossing minutes of added time Udaka was penalised for passivity as the younger fighter struck home hold one more time. Read more

Natsumi Tsunoda

Tsunoda wins all-Japanese battle to take gold in Tokyo

2 Dec 2016 13:10

Kodokan Cup winner Tsunoda Natsumi won gold on her IJF debut as she defeated teenage starlet Abe Uta in the U52kg final. Tsunoda, 24, faced Abe, 16, in the gold medal contest as two new names came to the fore in Tokyo. The former fought her way to the top of the podium as she tapped out the teenage sister of Abe Hifumi with a juji-gatame. Read more

Urantsetseg Munkhbat

Munkhbat Urantsetseg claims unique gold at Grand Slam Tokyo

2 Dec 2016 13:05

The category U48kg was the only category without any Japanese in the final. In fact all other categories had an All Japanese final, but today at the Grand Slam in Tokyo Former world champion Munkhbat Urantsetseg and Rio 2016 Olympic silver medallist Jeong Bo-Kyeong (KOR) qualified. Munkhbat won her first event outside her homeland in 2016. Read more

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