Islam El Shehaby - Judoka

Islam El Shehaby

Islam El Shehaby

  • Country:Egypt
  • Born:1 August 1982 (32 years)
  • Shape

Judo results

Date Result Judo event Type Cat.
26/06/20147African Championships Port LouisAfCOpen
26/06/20142African Championships Port LouisAfCO100
31/05/20143European Open MadridWCupO100
19/04/20131African Championships MaputoAfCOpen
18/04/20133African Championships MaputoAfCO100
31/03/20133IJF Grand Prix SamsunGPO100
26/05/20125IJF Grand Slam MoscowGSLO100
04/04/20122African Championships AgadirAfCO100
15/01/20123IJF World Masters AlmatyIJFMAO100
18/12/20115IJF Grand Prix QingdaoGPO100
18/10/20113IJF Grand Prix Abu DhabiGPO100
09/10/20111World Cup BakuWCupO100
06/09/20112African Games MaputoAfCO100
08/05/20111IJF Grand Prix BakuGPO100
16/04/20111African Championships DakarAfCOpen
14/04/20111African Championships DakarAfCO100
16/01/20112IJF World Masters BakuIJFMAO100
18/12/20101IJF Grand Prix QingdaoGPO100
13/12/20105IJF Grand Slam TokyoGSLO100
24/11/20102IJF Grand Prix Abu DhabiGPO100
09/09/20103World Championships TokyoWChO100
04/07/20101IJF Grand Slam MoscowGSLO100
22/05/20103IJF Grand Slam Rio de JaneiroGSLO100
16/05/20101IJF World Cup CairoWCupO100
17/04/20102African Championships YaoundeAfCOpen
16/04/20101African Championships YaoundeAfCO100
21/02/20101IJF Grand Prix DüsseldorfGPO100
14/02/20103World Cup ViennaWCupO100
17/01/20105IJF World Masters SuwonIJFMAO100
05/12/20092Kracup Korea Open IJF World Cup SuwonWCupO100
29/11/20093IJF Grand Prix QingdaoGPO100
21/11/20091IJF Grand Prix Abu DhabiGPO100
05/07/20093Mediterranean Games PescaraMGO100
03/05/20091African Championships MauritiusAfCOpen
03/05/20091African Championships MauritiusAfCO100
22/02/20095IJF Grand Prix HamburgGPO100
05/07/20087German Open BraunschweigECupO100
08/06/20083World Cup MadridWCupO100
18/05/20081African Championships AgadirAfCOpen
18/05/20082African Championships AgadirAfCO100
19/04/20083Swiss Open LuzernECupO100
01/04/20082International Tournament Nabeul TunisiaITO100
06/06/20065African Championships MauritiusAfCOpen
06/06/20062African Championships MauritiusAfCO100
17/12/20053Games of the French Speaking countries NiameITO100
27/11/20053Chinese Open QingdaoITO100
27/11/20053Chinese Open QingdaoITOpen
01/07/20053Mediterranean Games AlmeriaMGO100
21/05/20052African Championships Port ElizabethAfCOpen
21/05/20052African Championships Port ElizabethAfCO100
08/05/20041African Championships TunisAfCOpen
08/05/20043African Championships TunisAfCO100
07/12/20033Korea Open JejuITO100
15/03/20037A-Tournament WarsawWCupO100
26/01/20035Super A-Tournament MoscowSWCO100
07/10/20021African Championships CairoAfCO100
17/03/20027A-Tournament WarsawWCupO100
16/02/20025A-Tournament LeondingWCupO100
09/11/20013African Championships TripoliAfCOpen
09/11/20012African Championships TripoliAfCU100
30/03/20013International Tournament Nabeul TunisiaITU100
23/08/19991Arab Games AmmanArGO100
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